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Team Monash Heart Hack(MHH)

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The Competition


Heart Hackathon is the world's first total artificial heart design competition, dedicated to enabling, and fostering student-led innovation in cardiovascular design, co-created with world leading academic institutions and industry professionals.​ ​ Through a year-long design process, student teams from around the world (like ours) will scope, design and prototype artificial hearts, culminating in the grand finals at the annual ISMCS Conference - this year its in Dallas, Texas.


The competition will include the application of the human-centered design methodology, consideration of sustainable practices and business planning. ​ ​ The ultimate product of the competition is for all teams to have produced a viable, total artificial heart device, which we will then present to a panel for judgement. ​

Our Team

Our team is comprised of 30 members of multiple engineering and science disciplines, who are all passionate about making a positive change in the biomedical technology field, and pride our team on having an even split between male and female identifying individuals.


Team Structure

The Monash Heart Hackathon team is led by the team leads Julie Dao and Georgia Brooks, with the support from academic advisors Associate Professor Shaun Gregory and Dr Jason Brenker.

The team comprises of 2 main departments: Mechanical and Electrical.

The Mechanical department is split into 4 different subteams: 

  • Cardioascular Simulator Design: 

  • Modelling: 

  • Casing Design: 

  • Maglev: 

The Electrical department is mainly focused on ___

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