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The healthcare innovation summer scholarship (HISS) is a partnership between MYMI, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) and Monash Partners. The 12-week program takes students through a crash course in developing healthcare technology and connects students with clinicians who seek technological solutions to health problems. Students and clinicians work together to evaluate concepts for new technologies and create proof-of-concepts for real world problems.

Our 2022/23 Scholars

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Applications are currently CLOSED

Apply at the Monash University Summer/Winter Scholarships page here

Applicants will need to submit a CV and cover letter, and attend an interview prior to selection. Your CV and cover letter will need to be submitted prior to the close of applications - please click on this link to direct you to where you can submit your CV and cover letter. HISS is only open to Monash University students.

Applications typically open in August each year

For further detail of deadlines visit


The HISS program was established in 2019/2020 and has seen various clinicians and project teams create new and innovative solutions to some of the healthcare industries biggest problems.


Click here to view past HISS projects. 

To read more visit

For further information on the Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarship process contact

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