Monash Young MedTech Innovators holds a number of significant social and academic events focused on networking and connecting interdisciplinary young professionals to opportunities in the medical technology ecosystem.


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MYMI Prototyping Workshop

21 JULY - 22 JULY 2021

Coming Soon

A workshop series aimed to introduce prototyping to Science, Medicine, Biomedical Science, and first-year Engineering students. The workshops will be centred around developing an infra-red pulse oximetry sensor.

Post-COVID Healthcare Panel

4 AUGUST 2021

Coming Soon

The COVID-19 pandemic is intrinsically linked to MedTech, and its repercussive implications on the future of healthcare will be explored in a Q&A panel featuring guests from industry, research and the public sector.

MedHack Exhibit

24 AUGUST 2021

Coming Soon

The MedHack Exhibit aims to shine a spotlight on the MedHack 2021 theme of Chronic Diseases, providing students with the opportunity to engage with industry professionals and have a glance at some existing innovations that are optimising health outcomes in the community.

Beers and Bioethics


Coming Soon

An opportunity for students to debate and discuss the ever-changing landscape of Bioethics and its implications for MedTech in a comfortable and casual setting, 

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