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Project Aesop

A mobile application to deliver social stories in a way that reduces maladaptive behaviours and enhances the psychosocial wellbeing of paediatric patients


Team members:

  • Uni Han

  • Tanushree Sharma


  • Dinah Humphries

  • Tammy Young


Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) Phase 2 funding, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering

Project History

The idea of creating a mobile application to deliver social stories for use in healthcare and hospital settings began with Dinah Humphries, of the Child Life Therapy Team at Monash Children's Hospital. The idea was selected for development during the 2021 Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarship (HISS) program, a 12 week intensive program backed by MYMI, MIME and Monash Partners, and this is where Project Aesop was born. During this program, our team undertook the biodesign process, liaised with key stakeholders such as ASPECT (Autism Spectrum Australia) and AMAZE, conducted preliminary user interviews and created rudimentary wireframes for our solution. Having successfully passed through the first and second phase of the HISS program, Project Aesop will continue to be developed under the MYMI Projects Branch. Project Aesop is seeking to secure funding in order to be able to move fully from the  predesign to design phase of our project.

Goals & Plans

  • Obtain initial funding to kick off codesign process

    • ​Liaise with and pitch to interested stakeholders and exhaust all possible avenues.

  • Begin codesign phase

    • Contact Monash Children’s Hospital and liaise with education staff for input on use of digital media and mobile applications.

    • Form working groups that will form the base for user research and testing.

    • Engage consultancy services.

  • Content creation and refinement

    • Take stock of current available social stories; what has been created, what needs to be created, what needs to be refined.

    • Liaise with various MCH departments.

    • Consider how to organise and present content in solution.

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