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Project Rudolph

Affordable and accessible diagnostic and monitoring solution for Ear Nose & Throat (ENT), Sleep and Respiratory conditions.


Team members:

  • Vivienne Luu, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/Masters

  • Morgan Kinder, Bachelor of Engineering & Bachelor of Commerce


  • Dr Keith Joe (Adjunct Professor of Design, Monash University & Emergency Physician, Cabrini Hospital)


Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) Phase 2 funding, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering

Project History

Project Rudolph originated from the Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarship Program in 2021-22.

Progress you’ve made:

  • As of current, Project Rudolph has created a proof of concept (POC) that is able to:

  • Differentiate between L/R Nasal breathing, allowing mouth breathing to be inferred

  • Objectively measure flow speed

Achievements so far:

  • Established a proof of concept of our design 

  • Conducted over 30 user interviews to refine the medical need

Current stage of the project:

  • Miniaturising the POC

  • Connecting wireless features onto the POC


In 2022, Project Rudolph envisions on achieving the following:

  • Miniaturisation of technology.

  • Being awarded a seed grant. 

  • Functional prototype. 

  • Design renders and a polished project presentation. 


  • Working together with an engineering lab based out of Monash University. 

  • Applying for phase 2 MYMI funding. 

  • Working together with a health care design team based out of Monash University Caulfield. 

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