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Project Arteriam

Improving current simulation-based training for the management of emergency tracheostomies (artificial airway, e.g. on throat) by increasing accessibility and opportunity to refine the individual’s skills at their own leisure. 


Team members:

  • Rebekah Wong, Bachelor of Biomedical Science

  • Jean Nguyen, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and Pharmaceutical Science


  • Dr Neil Foden (Monash Health)


Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) Phase 2 funding, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering

Project History

Project Arteriam started from the HISS (Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarship) program, where the team members spent 12 weeks to validate the unmet clinical meet and propose the solution for this problem. Up to the completion of this program, Arteriam has determined the solution to utilise mixed reality, combining an Augmented Reality (AR) training program and a part task trainer (physical simulator, e.g. model of human parts) to simulate realistic emergency scenarios whilst preserving the tangible experience. 

A storyboard for the AR components has also been created to visualise how a training session runs inside AR environment. The current phase largely involves the following:

  • Building the AR component based on the storyboards created

  • Designing and prototyping the part task trainer 

  • Conducting more user interviews with clinicians of varying levels of expertise in order to refine and tailor the features of program to the learning styles and skill expectations of the participant



  • Finish coding the AR component for the training modules for junior doctors (a niche subsegment of our total available market) (12-14 months)

  • Determine the design and materials of the part task trainer (1-2 months)


  • Further developing the training modules for registrars and more senior clinicians

  • Pair the 2 components for validation testing


Weekly/Fortnightly progress meetings would be conducted to control the progress of the project. Open discussions regarding new ideas and concerned are encouraged to minimise mistakes and foster cohesion within the team during the development process.

The marketing and strategy team will continue to building the business model, managing stakeholders and sourcing grant opportunities for further funding by potentially joining accelerator programs

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