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Bringing confidence and independence back for people with dementia through assistive technology by creating a mobile application to help manage their lives.  Our motto is to simplify your life.

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Team members:

  • Shray Bagga

  • Sandeep Hans

  • Deenath Walitgama

  • Hesavar Manivasakan

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Project History

The project first came to fruition after taking part in the MYMI Medhack empowered competition. After the end of the competition, the Raksha team continued refining the concept as they were very passionate about creating a valuable app that will help bring confidence and independence back to people diagnosed with dementia.

The project is currently in the process of understanding the most important features to be included in the first issue of the app and developing the app’s overall user interface.


Our current goals for the year to

  • Join the Monash accelerator program; the accelerator program will provide the Raksha team with the guidance to further grow the project

  • Create the first minimal viable product (MVP), which can be tested out on people with dementia to further refine the app and assess clinical efficacy

  • To establish a social media presence that will help us raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with dementia and the usefulness/ capabilities of the app.


The Raksha team is currently focusing on researching all the potential challenges faced by people with dementia. This foundation knowledge will be used to refine the features to be included in the first app and enable the team to refine the UI experience to best suit dementia users. From there, Raksha aims to join the accelerator program and utilise the clinical support provided via MYMI to further refine and grow our app to add as much potential support as possible.

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