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Project Swivel

An electric wheelchair storage solution for greater independence in the community.

Team members:

  • Bobby Le, Bachelor of Materials Engineering

Project History

Medhack 2021 was the starting point, where a team was formed to solve problems experienced by people with cerebral palsy. The team won the Planet Innovation BRIGHT award for the most commercially focused product and joined with MYMI to continue working on the project, where it is currently in the design and prototyping stage.


2022 will involve engaging with a start-up accelerator program, connecting with key stakeholders like potential clients and manufacturers, and developing a functioning prototype as a proof of concept to verify its feasibility.


To achieve these goals, preliminary research will be done to find suitable organizations to network with and pitch to with the intention to secure appropriate funding, resources, and further guidance on the project. Use of the dedicated student team work areas like the Monash Makerspace will be dedicated for designing and prototyping an operational model.

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