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Project Impact

Minimising injury to athletes by designing a genital protector strong enough to withstand the impact of a high-speed projectile.


Team members:

  • Wenjing Sun (Bachelor of Engineering (Materials) and Biomedical Science


  • Ghadir Omran (Monash Partners)


Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) Phase 2 funding, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering

Project History

Project Impact originated from the HISS 2021/2022 program.

This project is in the preliminary research stage.  

Progress has been made...

  • Survey collecting data from athletes on the usage of genital protectors and awareness of its importance

  • Researched into polymers and possible types of polymer material substitutes

  • Started preliminary testing of materials via simulations

Achievements so far...

  • 41 responses on survey validating the need to improve current genital protectors

  • Simulations validate that current protectors will not be able to withstand high speed projectile impacts


  • Find the speeds at which genital protectors can withstand

  • Finalise list of materials that can be used for the genital protector

  • Finalise recommended genital protector shapes for the best stress distribution + comfort

  • Finalise list of materials currently used/background information 


  • Perform simulation testing of high velocity cricket balls on different materials and noting ones that have a high chance of sustaining the impact​

  • Perform simulation testing of high velocity cricket balls on different shapes of materials that can sustain the high velocity impact

  • Validate simulations with physical testing

  • Observing data from simulations testing, specifically energy absorbed by the material and the remaining energy that will impact the wearer

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