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metaQI is a cloud-based web-app designed to track, store, and share Quality Improvement (QI) projects across hospitals to improve communication and promote collaboration between healthcare staff.


Team members:

  • Tymon Shih

  • Nick Marks

  • Saad Taslaq


  • Dr. Angela Melder – Manager, MCHRI

  • Joanna Ong – Project manager, Monash Partners

  • Susanne Baker – IT development manager, MCHRI

  • Sarah Lorentzen – Team lead (innovation and improvement), Monash Health

  • Anton Glagovski – Senior advisor (innovation and improvement), Monash Health


Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships (HISS) Phase 2 funding, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering

Project History

The project originated from the 2020/2021 HISS program, where the idea originating from multiple stakeholders were handed to the then project researcher (Andrew) for further analysis and research.

Since the initiation of the project, we have progressed past the research and ideation phase. We are currently in the latter stages of the creation phase, with a MVP ready to be tested by users.

Successfully created an MVP with the functionality sufficient to allow user testing. The current project backend is sitting on AWS from a Monash-operated account.

Completed MVP, ready for user testing and phase 4 of the product development agile cycle.


Current plan/focus is to conduct as much user testing an interview as possible to gain a better understanding of the product’s viability in the real environment, and to improve UX/UI based on user feedback.

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