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Project Aeris

Increasing apnoeic time during intubations, and decreasing the risks associated with intubation complications.


Team members:

  • Bryan Chong, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and Biomedical Science


  • Cameron Graydon (Lady Cilento Children's Hospital)

Project History

Project Aeris originates from the MYMI HISS program of 2021/2022. At the time of writing, Project Aeris has already completed a 12-week first Stage and produced a 3D printed model of the new laryngoscope. Upon commencement of Stage 2, the goal is to determine the efficacy of the new laryngoscope and oxygenation techniques through the use of computational fluid dynamics analysis and physical experimentation. These results will then be used to further refine or redesign the laryngoscope.


  • Conducting CFD analysis for the oxygen channel of the laryngoscope blade to determine fluid velocity and flow profile. 

  • Utilizing the information obtained from the blade CFD analysis to conduct a CFD analysis on 3D lung models. This will be used to determine the degree of oxygenation achieved in the lungs.

  • Design a proper interface between laryngoscope blade handle and oxygen tubing supplying the laryngoscope.

  • Conducting physical experiments to verify the results obtained from CFD analysis. This will either be done with a medical mannequin fitted with oxygen partial pressure sensors or with Shaun Gregory’s artificial lung setup. (Hope to do both if time permits)​


Project Aeris will be undertaken as Bryan's FYP and he plans on working on it throughout the year.

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