Dedicated to furthering positive impact through healthcare innovation and medical tech.

Who We Are

An interdisciplinary organisation dedicated to achieving positive impact through medical technology, healthcare and biomedical innovation, by bringing about collaboration between undergraduates, graduates, PhDs and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) regardless of home institution, discipline, creed or experience. 


MEDHACK is Melbourne’s premier student run Healthcare Innovation hackathon. Every year, we bring students together at the intersection of design, engineering, healthcare and entrepreneurship in a 48 hour sprint to help reimagine the future of healthcare.

This year’s theme:
Chronic Disease

MEDHACK is happening in Melbourne this year on 3rd-5th of September so visit https://medhack.com.au/ to learn more. 


Our project teams work endlessly to design, research and implement new medtech ideas and innovations. 

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Symposium is MYMI's annual academic conference that showcases existing and up-and-coming research in medical technology at an undergraduate and graduate level. 


This event will challenge all students from all faculties and at various stages in their careers to think critically about medical technology from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will be given a space to practice presenting research and network with other like-minded professionals. 

Symposium will be running in late 2021. 

Artificial Heart Competition

Developed by Monash Young MedTech Innovators (MYMI), with support from the International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support (ISMCS), HeartHack's vision is to connect interdisciplinary teams of students to cardiovascular design through a year-long competition to design and implement a viable total artificial heart.


The competition includes application of the human-centered design methodology, consideration of sustainability and business planning.


With 105,000 adults (0.5% of the Australia's adult population) that experience heart failure every year and yet only having an average of approximately 120 heart transplant procedures nationwide, there is a great need for innovation within this field.

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